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To many times.

Jan. 11th, 2007 | 11:46 am

It happens right under my eyes.

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My Xmas Stocking

Dec. 18th, 2006 | 10:42 am

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As I Sit and Stare off to space..

Dec. 11th, 2006 | 02:41 pm
emotion of the day:: tiredtired

As I sit here and stare off to space

as one of these restless nights takes place

I look up above and look out afar

And wonder why things in my life stay right where they are.

All the dreams in my head, all the thoughts in my mind

make me feel like i keep falling behind.

I wonder more why things in my life stay where they are

and why my dreams keep drifting afar.

I reach out and try to grasp them

It brings so many questions, but how can I ask them?

Who can I go to in these times and needs?

Who do I look to as I fall to my knees.

I look back above and feel covered in love

As a voice sinks to my mind.

It calls out"Son you are one of a kind

You do not need to keep falling behind."

"look up again, and all around

it seems to me I keep you safe and sound"

I look up above as the stars twinkle tonight

And think of so many things gone right.

So now I sit and look up above

and forget all the things of

strife, grief, and pain

the opposites of His love.

        -Daniel "Bubba" Burroughs

(c) Bubba Inc.

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{+no subject+}

Aug. 28th, 2006 | 07:11 am

first day of work today.


and this is where my life goes downhill.

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Jul. 7th, 2006 | 11:22 am
emotion of the day:: refreshedrefreshed

such marvelous weather in Tennessee.


Florida is laaaame with heat.

Thought I would share that.

over 12 hours of sleep yesterday, in bed at  8:30, up at 9.

how nice.

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I'm leaving, on a jet plane..

Jul. 5th, 2006 | 09:28 am
emotion of the day:: flirtyflirty
sweet sound to the ears.: Angels and Airwaves- It hurts

[not really, we are driving to Tennessee]


here's a quick run down on what I can remember about the last few days:

Friday night: sat at home alone

Saturday: went tubing at Rachels for the day, tons of fun.

Sunday: church, sunday school. then *dun dun dun* to lunch at Panera with Cody and Taylor, which involved a laughing time of 30-45 minutes for Cody and I. oh the good good times. *uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* *ka-plunk* rofl.

Sunday night: tried for beach worship, got rained out. we hung inside and played FSCC hallway soccer. JJ and I make a good team. then things got kinda broke so that ended it. gr. that was fun.

Monday: nothing

Monday night: my bestest friend Cody and I went fishing at Ft Desoto pier.
We caught 9 fish together. 2 sharks, how sweet is that?!?!?! they were Black Tip sharks, about 1-1 1/2 feet long. caught 2 cat fish. and a fw other things we wern't sure of. but it was a great time to hang out and, well fish because I love fishing. He caught this huge fish, a whopper. 3 inches long, maaaan, I didn't think you could get smaller than that, but just wait...

Tuesday: fishing at Ft.Desoto with Cody, Candace and the Davis' minus John. this time went to the Skyway. I caught one fish, it was not a good day. line broke 3 times.
got sun burned. blaaaah. but it was still cool.

Tuesday night: I wake up, to see Italy beat Germany 2-0. then I see it was in overtime. then I see it was in the last minute of it. How gay is that?!?! grrrrr. I was quite sad.The time was 5:34ish, I was supposed to meet at Publix at 5. oops. So I went on down to Kaeli's house, where her,cody and taylor were. "Fantastic 4" on the "fantastic 4th of july" ha-ha. Cody curled up on the couch, I curled up on the recliner, and we slept. we were exhausted, but cody always sleeps there anyway. we had pizza. thne were going to redington beach for fire works. couldn't find a place to park, so we went to Cody's to watch neighborhood fireworks//cody shoot them. we went home. and that was the end.

Today: I don't know what time we're leavign for Tennessee, but I think it's after youth group, yay so I can say good bye. Then it's off to Tennessee for a week.

July 13th: Angels and Airwaves//Taking Back Sunday Concert. I'm so stoked for it. Cody better get a ticket. 

July 14th-18th. FREAKING QUEST CAMP '06. wooooo. So incredibly excited. It'll be better than last year I just feeel it. woooo. I'm mroe excited for that than Tennessee. Which is how SOMEONE should be more excited for QC than this silly place called Selma =P

July 28th-30th- some youth thing across the coast. 

August 4th- it's a Friday and I get my FOUR widsom teeth out. eeeek. my wonderful friends will come take care of me I am sure. riiiight =)

August 13th- Kae's birthday I do believe.

and that's about it. 

it's been a great last few days, and for now, I am off to pack.

feel free to call me while I am in Tennessee, I would love to talk to my wonderful friends =) since I think they still don't have internet where we go, so no AIM or myspace for a week. myspace = no big deal but I love talkin' on aim to my phenominal friends =P

I got to go pack. 

I bid you farewell.

-Daniel Damian Bootleg Bubba Bob Burroughs

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{+no subject+}

Jun. 28th, 2006 | 11:44 am
emotion of the day:: curiouscurious
sweet sound to the ears.: Price is Right

so, it's pretty sweet bein' back posting on lj. good ole live journal, back in the day before myspace.

anyway. yesterday, was a relaxing type of day. I drove my brother to get a test done for his new job. He was like "I should have told mom and dad I wasn't getting a job until you did" good stuff =P

Then in the afternoon, I went outside and was shooting some basketball in the street.
I was making a lot of shots, so I went down the street to Kiwanis Park to look for a game. No one around, so I shot there and headed home. 

I then went and rented Saw I and went to hang with my fellow Agent, Agent K and watch it. It was clever, not as good as the 2nd, but it was still real good. Felt creepy walkin to and from my truck rofl.

It was nice relaxing day, and more so night.

as for today, youth group. 

as for tomorrow, busch gardens with the fantastic 4 [me,cody,kaeli,taylor] and rica.

gonna be greaaaaaat. especially when Kaeli or Taylor falls =P

still trying to figure out how I will get money for a ticket and lunch.....

oooooh well.

I am off.

so long

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ma, ma, ma, man colors!

Jun. 27th, 2006 | 12:49 pm
emotion of the day:: contentcontent
sweet sound to the ears.: Angels and Airwaves- Do it for me Now

so, at Kaeli's pool party last Friday afternoon/night.

Jonathan Sennit and I came up with, "man colors".

check them out.

My top 3 will be listed first:

Beer Yellow

Purple Nurple Purple


Hooters Orange

then we have:

Steak Red
Gunsmoke Grey
Poop Brown [dark]
Football Brown [light]
Vietnam Green
Black Eye Blue
Wife Beater White
Chuck Norris Pink
Pimpin' Purple

ROFL. those are the next crayons to come out, called "Man Colors" 

woo. rofl. good times.

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beach worship.

Jun. 26th, 2006 | 10:02 am
emotion of the day:: contemplativecontemplative
sweet sound to the ears.: Shane & Shane- Yearn

so last night was the first Beach Worship//soccer game.

It was raining, a lot. but it made it better, I love the rain!

playing soccer on the beach in the rain, was outstanding.

I had 2 goals rofl. I am prettttty sure my team lost but it was sooo much fun, must do it again.

worship time, it was good. could have been better, a few distractions around and whatnot.

but all in all it was a greeeeat time.

as for today, playin Fifa World Cup for ps2, goin' to the Bible study and dinner at Fodalo.


until the time we meet again..

-Daniel Damian Bootleg Bubba Bob

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dun dun dun

Jun. 24th, 2006 | 04:10 pm
emotion of the day:: boredbored
sweet sound to the ears.: Angels and Airwaves- It hurts

new live journal for Bubba.

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