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Daniel Damian Bootleg Bubba Bob

and his crazy life..

19 June
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if you went to the greatest school on the earth,First Baptist Christian School of Pinellas Park, and you will miss it dearly,please,keep the memories and keep them close to your heart. for every teacher there,loved us with all of their hearts. such compassion at that school,led every child there on the right path. never will there be a school like First Baptist.

*~*My name is Daniel Burroughs*~*
*~*My nickname is Bubba*~*
*~*Thanks to my best friend Cody at lunch the 9th grade year.*~*
*~*I am currently a Senior at Indian Rocks Christian School*~*
*~*I am 17 years old*~*
*~*I was also born on Fathers Day on the 19th day of June in 1988*~*
*~*Patrick is my best friend ever that I have grown up*~*
*~*I also have the best friends in the world*~*
*~*I have 2 older brothers.Kenny and Jay*~*
*~*I have the best family in the world*~*
*~*I love to play basketball.It is the best ever*~*
*~*I also just love to watch hockey.I'd love to play it as well*~*
*~*I also enjoy baseball.Atlanta Braves is my favorite team ever*~*
*~*Green Bay Packers is my favorite all time football team*~*
*~*I just love so much the Tampa Bay Lightning.They are awesome*~*
*~*I also like the Ottawa Senators as my 2nd favorite team*~*
*~*Blink 182 is my all-time favorite band because they rock*~*
*~*Black Hawk Down is the best movie that could ever be made*~*
*~*I would like to join the United States Air Force sometime in my life*~*
*~*I enjoy paintballing in my spare time*~*
*~*Taco Bell is the best fast food ever*~*
*~*I love motox ((motocross)) even tho i don't ride yet =( *~*
*~*Red Badge of Courage and Battle of Mogadishu are favorite books*~*
*~*I like both rap and rock.I like rock more((and metal is good too))*~*
*~*My vehicle is a 1993 Ford Ranger even though I don't like Fords*~*
*~*I love the old American Muscle cars.They are so awesome.*~*
*~*I love working on cars.Mainly Muscle Cars =) *~*
*~*I enjoy going for walks and runs at night*~*
*~*I love to play video games*~*
*~*I love hanging out with my friends*~*
*~*I love going to the beach*~*
*~*I love going to the movies*~*
*~*Socom 2:US Navy Seals is the best game made yet*~*
*~*I love watching the X-Games every year*~*
*~*I enjoy taking a nice bike ride ocassionally*~*
*~*I love to play soccer for fun*~*

Well that is almost anything you would want to know I guess.But if there is anything else you want to know.Instant Message me on AIM at s2orulesall or asilaydying2314 or on yahoo at ddb2323.I am always up for a new person to talk to.So don't be shy, send a message my way.So long for now.